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What Is SAP Focused Build?

What is SAP Focused Build

SAP Solution Manager Focused Build is a delivery platform that offers an integrated SAP Application Lifecycle Management solution to build and manage SAP projects. Utilizing SAP Focused Build, there is an integration between the Project Manager and the project at hand. Allowing for the project to become Agile.

Focused Build will provided a single source of truth and is the hub for all management activities and all aspects of the SAP solution lifecycle and agile processes:
– Project Management
– Process Management
– Change/Sprint/Release Management
– Test Management

SAP Solution Manager fully supports SAP activate and Agile methodology. Through the SAP Focused Build Delivery Platform, your business processes drive IT and you can build what the business needs right when they need it, through integration and openness, you have a lifecycle platform for managing processes, applications and systems, and for SAP and non-SAP you will get an out-of-the-box implementation and operations content.

One question we get is, everything that Jira has a lot, can we have that in Solution Manager as well?

Yes, and more. The problem with Jira, if you are building from scratch, it is code based to manage it. With SAP, we have transport and different developments that we do. There is nothing in Jira from a project level, Jira feel and look – but all SAP. No licensing costs.

Via SAP Focused Build, there are the different phases:

SAP Focused Build Phases

SAP Activate for S/4HANA Implementations

Solution Readiness Dashboard:

This is what the Solution Readiness Dashboard looks like within your SAP Focused Build platform.

SAP Focused Build - Solution Readiness Dashboard

SAP Solution Readiness Dashboard

We’re currently helping a company with a global rollout of SAP with a client for 200 different locations. Our team came in later than usual for this project, but, we can really jump in at any phase. We came in, took user stories and put them into SolMan. From Project Management to work streams, then provided additional tools – ex, Scrum boards. Ask us about our SAP Focused Build projects.

If you would like any more information, please let us know how we can be of service to you. Request a meeting with us here.

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