Delivering S/4HANA Transformation Projects With Focused Build Jira Integration And Scrum Board For Both SAP And NON-SAP

Delivering S/4HANA Transformation Projects with Focused Build Jira Integration and Scrum Board for both SAP and NON-SAP

With many S/4HANA Project delivered, we are sharing our experiences with what has been proven to work in transformations from & to S/4HANA.  Initially, SAP Focused Build is crucial for project successes as it provides “out of the box” solution that has immediate adoption by early project users that will jump start the implementation and deliverables.  

Based on the chosen methodologies, SAP Focused Build can support both Classic Waterfall and Scaled Agile methodologies. It is recommended to decide on the Methodology as you exit the Prepare phase, and in Explore phase the Project Plan includes the scheduling of deliverables.  

During the Prepare & Explore phase, it is crucial to utilize the ready-to-run SAP Best Practices and SAP Model Company processes that come with SAP Focused Build. This will assist with the Explore workshops and shorten the duration of requirements gathering. By utilizing the “out of the box” processes with prebuild SAP S/4HANA systems, your key end users will understand the functionality and provide clearer requirements to implement.  

Tracking of requirements and documenting during the Explore and Build phase becomes mandatory, especially if there are approvals and ongoing modifications to those requirementsThis is where CoreALM Scrum board is pivotal in tracking of those tasks during the Explore phase. All tasks are assigned and tracked, regardless of type of deliverablesThe CoreALM Scrum board provides a centralized location where the Team can track their progress and collaborate on the scope of work. Additionally, it serves to identify bottlenecks, track team capacity, and ensure that work items/deliverables are being completed on time. Also, the CoreALM Scrum extends the capabilities of Focused Build to leverage Project Management within SAP projects for teams to plan, manage, and track their work using Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban. 

In addition, by leveraging the Scrum board and CoreALM Connector by integrating with Jira and Focused Build, users can manage their entire project lifecycle from within a single platform. The integration enables real-time data synchronization between the platforms, allowing teams to track and manage their work seamlessly.

The integration with Jira enables teams to view Jira and SAP Focused Build entities, where they can be tracked and managed using CoreALM’s Scrum board management capabilities. This allows teams to use their preferred platform while still having a comprehensive view of all items.

All project activities are managed by creation of additional tasks or sub-tasks in the CoreALM Scrum board that are directly stored in SAP Focused Build. The Scrum board features can help teams manage tasks effectively and below are some of the steps to manage tasks via CoreALM Scrum board:

In conclusion, the CoreALM Scrum board can help your team stay organized, focused, and on track towards achieving project goals.

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