What’s New In Solution Manager SPS13

What’s New in Solution Manager SPS13

Test Suite

Updated  – The Comment field is now visible by default in the Test Suite Analytics application for the reports, Test Plan – Test Cases Analysis, Test Package – Test Cases Analysis, and Multiple Test Status Details. Additionally, the Miscellaneous field can be made visible manually. 

Updated – In addition to Microsoft Word, the edit online capability for Test Suite (test note, test results), also supports the Microsoft Powerpoint format. 

New  – Mass password update in the SUT Management Application. A new password management tab allows you to maintain passwords in a flat list, regardless of where they are used in the SUT Hierarchy. This will allow users to manage passwords from all systems in one shot. 

Process Management

Solution Administration

New – Delete all unused (orphan) documents belonging to a specified solution with service activity, Clean Unused Document

New – Automatically check the RFC ping on all managed systems in a landscape with service activity, Check RFC Ping

Solution Documentation

New –  Edit solution documents online using a report triggered with SAP GUI as an alternative to the Internet Explorer browser. 

New – Multi language handling and mass translation with the new Machine Translation feature that has been extended for solution documentation elements in the column browser and list view. 


Application Operations

New – Mass edit work modes and change title, start and end times in the Upcoming Events view in IT Calendar and Work Modes 

New – Creating and maintaining monitoring objects with mass maintenance. Objects are launched in an ALV list that offers export and import options. 

Overall improved usability within Application Operations for hybrid and cloud landscapes. 

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