Why HP ALM Customers are moving to SAP Test Suite?

SAP Solution Manager Test Suite 7.2 provides the capabilities needed to support the Testing lifecycle, both either for a new implementation and or for changes after go-live during the ‘Run SAP’ lifecycle. Test Suite 7.2 has been updated and is now a full-blown application for manual and automated Testing.


        Larry Wilson
Senior SAP Solution Manager and ALM Consultant

One of the main feedbacks we have received is what makes Test Suite 7.2 a better alternative to HP ALM? In this workshop, we will discuss the similarities, differences and ultimately why SAP Test Suite is “The Default Functional Test Solution for all SAP customers”.

Request this workshop to learn:

  • Why SAP Test Suite is the “Single Source of Truth” for all related test information in 1 central SAP Solution Manager System
  • Reduce input data, time and risk related to Support and Enhancement packs compared to HP ALM
  • Optimize testing cycles for upgrades and projects that are more efficient and easier to sustain with less risk and reduced costs in SAP Test Suite
  • Selected pain points in SAP 7.1 have been reduced in 7.2 and why this matters in this comparison
  • The challenges of moving from HP ALM to SAP Test Suite and how you can overcome it

We hope that by joining this workshop, you can develop a road map and strategy for transitioning to Test Suite 7.2 from HP ALM or improving test management capabilities by getting the most of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite.