Using Jira Integration with SAP Solution Manager to manage to Accelerate SAP Projects and Releases

      Valdrin Spahijaj
SAP Solution Manager Architect and Focused Build Coach

Are you a Jira user and planning a S/4HANA project? Did you know that can integrate Jira with SAP Solution Manager to manage your end-to-end delivery of S/4HANA projects? In this workshop, we will walk you through a live demo on how you can leverage SAP Solution Manager Focused Build to deliver the entire end-to-end S/4HANA and non-SAP project using the latest tools already available to you.

In this workshop, CoreALM experts will walk you through a live demo and present:

– How Focused Build integrates all aspects of your S/4HANA project including:
– Integration of SAP Solution Manager Focus Build with Jira
– Fit/Gap Workshops and Requirements Gathering
– Structured Process Design and Process Flow Management
– Agile Project Management
– Optimized Testing Cycles using Test Automation
– Integrated Change, Release and Deployment Management
– Extensive capabilities for PMO scheduling, reporting, and executive dashboarding
-Introduction to CoreALM’s Agile Scrum Board

Request our webinar to learn how you can leverage Jira and SAP Solution Manager and Agile Scrum Board to manage your S/4HANA and Non-SAP project on-time and on-budget while delivering transformational business value!