SAP Test Suite 7.2 - Webinar Workshop Series

First Workshop

SAP Test Suite 7.2Kicking off our Test Suite webinar series, this workshop gives you an update on Test Suite 7.2 and how it has been updated and is now a full-blown application for manual and automated Testing. Watch this free webinar workshop to learn the new changes in SAP Solution Manager Test Suite 7.2.

Second Workshop

SAP Test Suite 7.2SAP Test Suite 7.2 builds a better framework for testing, a systematic approach to functional testing and creates a structured methodology to support successful testing initiatives. Utilizing ITIL based disciplines for testing best practices, SAP Test Suite 7.2 delivers scalable and faster test procedures, eliminating errors that would otherwise make it into production.

Third Workshop

SAP Test Suite 7.2Delving deeper into Test Automation, this workshop shows how you can reduce the testing effort required by business support by using SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Test Suite. By utilizing the Component-Based Test Automation (CBTA) tool, business analysts are able to leverage the test creation wizard to create test scripts.

Forth Workshop

SAP Test Suite 7.2In our last workshop, we look at how Change Impact Analysis can reduce the cost / effort estimation and unnecessary regression testing. Both involve significant business involvement and decisions in terms of cost and the impact it has to business processes whilst performing system upgrades. We show you how you can overcome these challenges with Change Impact Analysis.

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