Focused Build Workshops

SAP Focused Build Workshop Series

First Workshop

How to easily achieve faster project delivery with SAP Focused BuildKicking off our Focused Build workshop series, this workshop gives you an overview on how you can achieve faster project delivery with SAP Focused Build. Watch this free webinar workshop to before watching the rest to understand how you benefit from SAP Focused Build.

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Second Workshop

SAP Focused Build AgileOur second workshop shows you how you can leverage SAP Focused Build for digital transformation projects like SAP S/4HANA upgrades or implementations. SAP Focused Build is based on SAP Activate agile methodology providing an integrated solution to manage end-to-end requirements-to-deploy processes during projects. Learn about the best practices available to manage your SAP digital transformation projects.

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Third Workshop

SAP Test Suite and Agile DevelopmentAre looking to improve your testing processes during project implementation or development? Running with SAP Focused Build and SAP Test Suite allows for higher quality solution through iterative, incremental build with frequent inspection points and helps you to build smart and run simple. View this workshop to learn how you can take advantage of these SAP tools readily available to you.

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Fourth Workshop

Deep dive into SAP Focused Build and SAP Test Suite capabilitiesIn the previous workshop, we explored how you can take advantage of SAP Focused Build’s pre-configured solutions and SAP Test Suite to help with your testing processes. In this workshop will provide a deep dive into the differences between the capabilities of SAP Test Suite and SAP Focused Build. The objective of this workshop is to allow SAP users to better understand their options when considering SAP’s testing tools.

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Fifth Workshop

SAP Solution Manager Integrate JIRASAP Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager also delivers a seamless requirements-to-deploy process and is integratable with Jira, this benefits customers that currently using Jira to bring even greater productivity. In this workshop we will look at how you can integrate Atlassian Jira with SAP Solution Manager and the benefits of this integration.

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Want to learn more about SAP Focused Build?

We are SAP Focused Build experts! We have helped many companies navigate this new space and provide invaluable coaching for their digital transformation projects like SAP S/4HANA upgrades. By integrating SAP best practices and methodologies, CoreALM is able to increase the reliability of their SAP and non-SAP solution landscape, while maximizing their SAP investment, improving quality and lowering total cost of ownership.