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Solution Manager 7.2 – A Definition Of Value

Solution Manager 7.2 - A Definition of Value

What is your decision criteria for buying anything? A more practical question: what does it take to separate you from your wallet? Most people buy either emotionally (“that’s cool”) or through using logic. On the logic side, Value rules.

How do you define value? One method would be a ROI type calculation. The standard ROI calculation can be simplified to:

Benefit Cost Ratio

From a practical stand point, this equation makes sense. The greater the benefit, and the lower the cost, the greater the value. The weakest point of the equation is determining the benefit. People and commercial buyers, constantly misjudge what feature or capability is truly a benefit or how one specific benefit compares to another.

For the sake of this discussion, we are going to hold the Benefit constant; meaning that there is no difference from one product to another. Ford is equal to Chevy. Honda is the same as Toyota. Accord is just a good as a Camry. Flying either a 737 or A320 gets you to your destination at the same time. The benefit is basically the same.

OK, comparing Ruth Chris to McDonald’s maybe be a stretch, as well as comparing skilled services. Comparison should be between similar categories with similar quality.

When holding Benefits constant, Cost is king! The best way to present this is looking at the extreme. In this case, what happens to Value when Cost trends to zero, i.e.”free”? Value explodes! From a Value, and logical perspective, it is basically impossible to compete against “free” given the similar benefit and quality.

Potentially Infinite ROI

Such is the case of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Usage rights to SAP Solution Manager are included in a customer’s SAP Annual Support contract. Since a customer doesn’t have to fork-out additional cash from their proverbial wallet, it can be argued using SAP Solution Manager is basically “free”.

To drive additional Value from Solution Manager, as of January 2018, SAP removed the requirement of needing a SAP Named User license to access Solution Manager. Super “free” equals super Value.

Ok, no doubt “free” is valuable, but how good are the Benefits that Solution Manager offers?

SAP Solution Manager is the most complete Application Lifecycle Manager platform on the market.

Top Rated ALM Platform

SAP Solution Manager is an integrated platform. Each of its 10 functional capabilities competes with best-of-breed products that have to be purchased. Buy 2 ALM products and want them to work together? You will need to budget for some type of integration which increases the Cost.

Value mentioned above not enough? How about a “free” run-time license of HANA?

Looking for the best method to deploy S/4HANA? Starting in January 2020, SAP Focused Build will be included “free” as well.

Bottom-line: if you are interested in optimizing your SAP operations or looking to optimize the deployment of SAP software, SAP Solution Manager offers a value proposition that is simply unmatched.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact our CoreALM Team to discuss directly with our experts.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Overview

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