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SAP S/4HANA With SAP Focused Build: Managing Requirements-to-Deploy (R2D)

SAP S/4HANA with SAP Focused Build: Managing Requirements-to-Deploy (R2D)

Understanding and managing the Requirements of your SAP project can be a bit blurry. Making sure they are carried through to be Deploy is another phase that calls for considerable management. Managing a functionally sound R2D calls for the following components: Build. Build Package. Defect, Project, Release Composition, Requirement(s), Service Design, Source Control, and Test. Each component or phase needs thorough attention if you expect your project to fulfill all of your team’s effort.

SAP’s Focused Build delivery platform engages all of the R2D project phases, especially the arguably more crucial steps. Below is the classic Application lifecycle Management (ALM) wheel for SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Each phase represents its own critical portion of the overall ALM cycle; this is a cycle that all of your SAP projects should follow. For instance, the Design phase is crucial and demands a thorough examination of your project-requirements. Additionally, the Test phase will confirm the success of the work that has gone into the Build phase. SAP Focused Build guides the project’s work progress through a series of finely tuned steps. Thus, making sure your project is adhering to SAP best-practices through the lens of an Agile approach. If you are looking for more information about SAP Focused Build, we have a quick introduction article here.

SAP Focused Build Process

SAP Focused Build Process

The “Build” in Focused Build

SAP Focused Build is essentially the embodiment of the best ALM strategy offered directly from SAP. There are two main development chapters in ALM: (1) Build and (2) Run. Focused Build obviously caters to the Build-side, and maximizes the productivity all the way from Requirements (top of the wheel)-to-Deploy (bottom of wheel), hence the level of complexity involved when managing your R2D.

Business Process Management– BPM helps you rapidly tailor your business processes to changing business needs by enabling the following:

  • Joint modeling of processes by business and IT specialists
  • Central process execution via a Java-based process engine
  • Provision of intuitive interfaces for business users
  • Integration of business rules into your processes

Test Suite– SAP Solution Manager’s testing platform, utilizing key features like Change Impact Analysis (CIA)

  • Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)
  • Scope and effort Analyzer (SEA)

Test Suite also brings a game changer: Component Based Test Automation (CBTA)

Change Control Management– Manage your changes and transports with CTS and CTS+. Your system changes and transports have valid and through traceability, especially aiding teams who may undergo an external audit for Validation purposes.

Additionally, the Build-side also provides tools for Custom Code Managementand Project Management. For more on Project Management, please refer to here.

Requirements to Deploy

Agile Requirements to Deploy

Above provides further illustration in executing the Requirements-to-Deploy phase. If you would like to better understand how SAP Focused Build can transform your current SAP project delivery method, let CoreALM take you into a live-action demo of the platform. You’ll be amazed at what SAP Focused Build can do for you!

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