Infrastructure management can be integrated into the Application Lifecycle Management, and is a scalable extension for SAP Enterprise Support customers. You can extend your use of SAP Solution Manager to include proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting, providing a common platform to discribe and manage heterogeneous technical infrastructures.

SAP IT Infrastructure Management Provides the Foundation for Running IT Like a Business 

  • Holistic ALM and IT infrastructure management on SAP Solution Manager for SAP Enterprise Support customers
  • Intelligent and automatic discovery to detect dependencies and simplify management of heterogeneous technical infrastructures
  • Scalable expansion of SAP Solution Manager usage to proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting for the entire IT infrastructure
  • ITIL-compliant SAP Solution Manager processes with full access to a proven Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Faster value generation from IT to business ensures business continuity through precise business impact analysis  
SAP IT Infrastructure Management

Real-time Access to all your Device Types. Product Specific Module for all common Device Models
– Consistent look & feel and intuitive handling via graphical display
– Support of all standard and proprietary Management Information Bases
– Support of the most important management protocols (SNMP, CIM, WMI/WBEM)
– Development of new Product Specific Modules at a standard rate

Easier Network Management and Planning
– Topology Overview
– Visual Assisted Analysis
– Overview of distributed Networks
– System Network Status

Manage your Network Configuration with Provisioning
– Distribute changes to all your active network devices
– Collect configuration of all your active network devices
– Compare configuration history with current configuration