SAP’s extended diagnostics software enables real-time monitoring of web application performance, so you can correct problems before they impact users. A market-leading solution for real-time monitoring of application performance, our extended diagnostics software helps you identify bottlenecks, eliminate outages, maintain service levels, and lower the cost of maintaining your Web applications. 

SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Wily Itroscope

Likewise, when an incident occurs, IT has their own set of concerns not only about how users are affected but also about how the Web infrastructure itself is performing.

SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Wily Itroscope 2

Real time (15 s) monitoring using
– Dashboards
– Investigator

Dynamic transaction tracing

Dynamic byte code instrumentation for
– J2EE

– .Net

Static instrumentation for C/C++ based products available

SAP Solution Manager includes license of Wily Introscope for SAP delivered instrumentation and dashboards (read-only) for SAP & Partner products, eg:
– SAP NetWeaver XI
– SAP NetWeaver Portal
– SAP NetWeaver MDM
– Seeburger XI Adapters
 -CPS for SAP by Redwood