S/4 Hana Strategy – What’s New With Focused Build Support Pack 03 (SP03)? Specifically, With Project Management

S/4 Hana Strategy - What’s new with Focused Build Support Pack 03 (SP03)? Specifically, with Project Management

New functionalities are being featured in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 FPS08 and Focused Build ST-OST 200 SP03. The new functionalities will be included in: Project Management, Process Management, Requirement Management, Work Package/ Work Item, Defect Correction, Scrum Board API, Test Suite, Solution Readiness Dashboard, Release Dashboard and Standalone Features.

Project Management will have an improved SAPUI5 app for Focused Build Projects. The improved user experience includes improved filtering, enhanced Gantt Chart, including Phases and Q-Gates, integration and Mass Change for Project Risks, and navigation to related Work Packages and Work Items.

My Favorite Projects UI

Focused Build Project UI

Enhanced Landing Page

There is also now an enhanced landing page for Focused Build projects. Project filters will be able to be saved as variant and the dates filter is now based on a time range. Also, your projects can be easily added to users’ favorite lists. Another added benefit is that you get quick access to the most relevant Focused Build projects.

Manage Variants

Phases and Q-Gates

SP03 also supports the Phases and Q-Gates in SAPUI5 app for Focused Build projects. Project Phases and Q-gates for Phases and Waves can now be managed in SAPUI5 app and are displayed in Gantt Chat. This will improve usability for all major Focused Build Project elements.

Phases and Q-Gates UI

Added Integration of Risks

Next comes the added integration of risks into SAPUI5 app for Focused Build Projects. There is going to be risk management in the SAPUI5 app. Some features include being able to create risks for Focused Build projects, change assignment, direct navigation to Risk transaction, and navigation to Mass Change for Risks. By adding these features, there is a simplified and efficient Risk Management being implemented in your project.

Multilingual Test Case

Multi-Language Support

The last benefit I will go over is that it is a multi-language support in the SAPUI5 app. Now the names and descriptions can be edited in multiple languages. Then, while the landing page is displayed with logon language, for project details, the dropdown can be used to switch between languages.

Multi-Language Support UI

According to SAP, Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager is an integrated, out-of-the-box tool-supported methodology for managing requirements and software development in large agile innovation projects. With these new added functionalities, you’re going to have the ultimate experience managing your Focused Build projects.

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