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S/4 Hana Strategy – What’s New With Focused Build Support Pack 03 (SP03)? Specifically, With Process Management

S/4 Hana Strategy - What’s new with Focused Build Support Pack 03 (SP03)? Specifically, with Process Management

As mentioned in the previous blog on SP03, new functionalities are being featured in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 FPS08 and Focused Build ST-OST 200 SP3. The new functionalities will be included in: Project Management, Process Management, Requirement Management, Work Package/ Work Item, Defect Correction, Scrum Board API, Test Suite, Solution Readiness Dashboard, Release Dashboard and Standalone Features.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2, compared to 7.1, simplifies and improves your process management by using one central solution to handle content throughout the whole content life cycle. This is now a single source of truth.

Process Management, with its conflict display in dropDocs, hosts a variety of new feature details. These include displaying your conflicts on structure level, adding in the visibility of conflicts at the element level in the drop area and navigation through the conflict rating into SOLDOC with the possibility to now fix the conflicts. The use case for this is that there is now visibility of the conflict situations coming from concurrent editing of the same elements in different branches.

Conflict Visibility

DropDocs Integration

The last major upgrade in SP03 for Process Management includes the auto-creation of required documents. This can be seen in the dropDocs integration to Work Package and Work Items. There is now an auto-creation of required documents based on the document KPI definition. This is used for new Work Packages or Items and when new structures will be assigned. One thing to note is that it will appear only for those structures that do not currently have required documents.

The use case for this scenario is within the simplification of document creation. With the maintenance of the person responsible for the document, the document processing can now be simplified by using MyDocuments.

Manage Variants

As mentioned before, Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager is an integrated, out-of-the-box tool-supported methodology for managing requirements and software development in large agile innovation projects. With these new added functionalities, you’re going to have the ultimate experience managing your Focused Build projects.

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