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Improving SAP Project Management With SAP’s Focused Build

Improving SAP Project Management with SAP’s Focused Build

Project Management is arguably the most critical role to conduct when delivering a SAP project- large or small. The Project Manager (PM) is responsible for gluing all the roles together and foreseeing a delivery that is certainly on time and on budget.

So what value lies before Project Managers who are orchestrating these complex projects? Collaboration Projectsin SAP’s Focused Build delivery platform is the proven tool to aid Project Managers (and the PMO) in overseeing and executing a great delivery! Otherwise known as cProjects, which allows the PM toplan, maintain, enable, and scheduleprojects for their teams. Working in unison with the powerful capabilities in Solution Managerand the Solution Readiness Dashboardoffered in SAP Focused Build, executing a project on time and on budget is no longer a blurry vision. SAP’s Focused Build was built for Project Manager’s and provides real solutions that allow the PM role to function on full-throttle.

SAP Project Management using Templates

SAP Project Organization Examples

Structuring a successful project and delivery

In today’s SAP realm, the Agile methodology is the dominant methodology of project conception to project delivery. Adding in SAP Best Practices solidifies the best foundation for moving forward with all SAP deliveries; SAP Best Practices should be recognized and practiced by teams of all sizes and industry backgrounds. Delivering your project(s) in Waves and Sprints are supported by Agile methodology and Focused Build’s toolset.

SAP Activate Pyramid

The parts that make up SAP Activate

SAP Activate is the practice given the cycle in which you implement and deploy a project. Largely focused around delivering S/4 HANA, SAP Activate encompasses the following recommended lifecycle:

Prepare –> 2.  Explore –> Realize –> Deploy

This ever-revolving cycle of delivering a successful project is the heart of all SAP project deliveries, including your upcoming S/4 HANA. CoreALM understands this methodology, as it is engrained within our very own foundation.

SAP Focused Build Phases

SAP Activate for S/4HANA Implementations

CoreALM understands this process inside-and-out because we have practiced and delivered projects under this method many times. Companies within Pharma, Education, Retail, and Technology have all come to understand why CoreALM sticks to this perspective when we deliver our SAP projects- specifically getting SAP Focused Build ready for your very important S/4 HANA project. Experience the live-look into SAP’s agile delivery platform: Focused Build.

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