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SAP Business Process Management and Modeling using SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager Documentation Repository is based on a hierarchical structure, which uses a unified solution concept as the single, central point of access for all solution documentation and content. The repository can contain the description of your system landscape as well as the documentation of your business processes, interfaces, technical objects, and custom developments.


        Valdrin Spahijaj
SAP Solution Manager Architect and Focused Build Coach



      Erald Ceka
SAP Solution Manager Process Management and Focused Build Coach

SAP Solution Manager now contains an easy to use business process modeling tool. Customers no longer need third party integrated tools as SAP has a modeling tool that is fully integrated to both the business process hierarchy as well as SAP’s Business Process Monitoring (BPMon).

Business Process Monitoring ensures that your core SAP transactions are running reliably by providing a consistent and dependable structure that is executed against process requirements. BPMon provides SAP customers with essential support elements including immediate response to errors that can initiate corrective action before any impact on company operations.

This webinar workshop will highlight new capabilities of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 in the following areas:

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • Considerations for Upgrading to 7.2

If you are still on Solution Manager 7.1, we will also explain why maintenance for Solution Manager 7.1 ends at the end of 2017. As such, there are some things to keep in mind when planning your upgrade activities.