SAP Technical Monitoring and Alerting Integration with ServiceNow


        Valdrin Spahijaj
SAP Solution Manager Architect and Focused Build Coach



      Donik Mullaademi
SAP Solution Manager Architect and Focused Build Coach

SAP Monitoring and Alerting in Solution Manager helps with improving the performance and health of systems in your environment. It is one of the most beneficial tools that should be used by the entire SAP community. Once issues are detected, alerts and incidents are generated. By default, the alerts and incidents are managed in Solution Manager. Many organizations use incident management tools other than Solution Manager and ServiceNow is a tool that is used frequently.

In this workshop, we will discuss the basics of the Technical Monitoring and ServiceNow connector. ServiceNow Connector is an integration tool that is developed by CoreALM enabling the user to manage the entire lifecycle of an incident in ServiceNow. In the webinar we will demonstrate the bidirectional communication between the two tools.