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How to easily achieve faster project delivery with SAP Focused Build

How to easily achieve faster SAP project delivery with SAP Focused Build

Have you recently heard of SAP Focused Build and looking to learn about its features? Are you interested in lowering your time to value by easily managing your Releases, Waves, Sprints and Agile teams? Or simply just confused with how you can start utilizing SAP Focused Build for quicker project delivery? This workshop seeks to provide a high level overview of Focused Build and how you can quickly implement it and start reaping its significant benefits.

In this workshop, we will go over the following topics:

  • The benefits of SAP Focused Build and what types of projects you can use it for
  • How it fully integrates with your requirements, project, process, change, release and test management.
  • Gain transparent and swift control over your change and release management strategy
  • Out-of-the-box Best Practices for optimizing your business processes
  • Our efficient and proven implementation and deployment approach

SAP Focused Build is built on top of SAP Solution Manager as a pre-configured turnkey solution. With a small implementation investment, you can take advantage of this pre-configured solution and immediately start planning your project rollouts. This solution helps with business demand and requirements management, integrated risk management, and has clear-cut collaboration features that allow you to successfully orchestrate both global business and IT development teams. Join our workshop to learn how you can leverage Focused Build to develop and deploy faster! 

Featured Speakers

    • Doug Kreinheder 
      Senior Customer Engagement Lead

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