SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Technical Monitoring Benefits

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Technical Monitoring Benefits

Technical Monitoring is an integral part of your business. It has also always been a focus of SAP Solution Manager. However, with Solution Manager 7.2, SAP designed technical monitoring with SAP HANA single-stack deployment in mind. By allowing the technical monitoring to benefit HANA customers, they are able to simplify their deployment and migration for SAP ECC users.

Something you may not know is that SAP, from a user perspective, improves in monitoring significantly. First with SAP Solution Manager minimizing downtime, then providing application-specific monitoring, and finally with the ability to reuse templates.

SAP Solution Manager minimizes your downtime, which is significant. When unplanned downtime typically occurs, it’s due to an issue with Technical Monitoring or a disconnect with your team who is monitoring your ERP and the people who make decisions about upgrades. Solution Manager 7.2 helps you to develop a more strategic approach to SAP due to its powerful Technical Monitoring capabilities. Through SAP Earlywatch, there is ongoing monitoring and alerting functionality along with a deep reporting on system health and performance. This way your downtime is strategic and not detrimental to your company.

SAP Solution Manager Technical Monitoring

SAP Solution Manager Technical Monitoring Dashboard

The application specific monitoring is an application-aware monitoring platform that has many hooks into various types of SAP systems, including the SAP cloud systems. One of the biggest improvements from 7.1 to 7.2 Solution Manager surprisingly isn’t the Technical Monitoring capabilities, but it’s actually the UX that supports it. There are application specific dashboards now that are powerful in the SAP Fiori UX, meaning you can launch them on any device. Not only can you view these all singularly, you can actually view them in almost any combination of metrics on Solution Manager dashboards. Focused Insights provides a wide range of data and anything you cannot find you’re able to create using Dashboard builder. Due to the usage of Fiori, it’s become easier to train your users, adapt your new tools and monitor and adapt to changing system conditions.

With the ability to reuse templates, the functionality is a major improvement for both your SAP project management and day-to-day operations. Since you can build them once and deploy them over and over again, you will be saving time and control costs on repeated processes. In turn it also helps to standardize deployments. This will also deter unnecessary duplications and you won’t have to recreate role assignments for each new deployment. The 7.2 Solution Manager template support truly helps companies to adapt to a modern approach to ERP management.

The transparency of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 takes some love on the back end, Users will need a strong technical partner, like CoreALM to make sure all the metrics and reporting are being collected properly. As us how we can help.

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