Jira And SAP Focused Build – Easy S/4 Delivery

Jira & Focused Build = S/4

Yes, Jira and SAP Focused Build does have an integration point and is dedicated to delivering your upcoming S/4 HANA project. Focused Build is built on-top of your existing Solution Manager environment, thus leveraging the best 10 Functional Capabilities in ALM. With Jira in the picture, Focused Build becomes the best Agile delivery platform on the market: there is no other platform on the market that completely executes SAP’s best-practices. Focused Build is native to SAP; who better to design an Agile delivery platform for S/4 other than SAP themselves!

Jira is an Agile motivated Project Management platform that is used throughout industries for teams of all backgrounds. With Jira, the PMO can effectively manage project timelines and oversee tasks that have been designated to respective roles.

Focused Build - JIRA / VSTS

SAP Solution Manager with VSTS / Jira

Solution Readiness Dashboard + Jira

The Solution Readiness Dashboard and Jira operate in a graceful dance. With Jira aiding in actively managing a project, the Solution Readiness Dashboard allows the PMO (or elected role) to monitor every aspect of the project development. The PMO / PM will find an array of Fiori application tiles that reports on the project analytics and critical elements of a project’s status. Issues and Risks, Work Packages, Requirements backlog, Scope Changes, and Overall Status are a few from the list of tools available in the Solutions Readiness Dashboard. Below is a full list of the monitoring functionalities:

Preconfigured Solution Readiness Dashboard

Experience the live-look into SAP’s agile delivery platform: Focused Build

S/4 with SAP Focused Build

Focused Build ensures a successful SAP project delivery. Specific to your upcoming S/4 HANA delivery, the Agile platform enables all of SAP Solution Manager capabilities, including the crucial Change and Request Management (ChaRM), Technical and Business Process Monitoring, and the renowned tools in Test Suite– like Component Based Test Automation and Change Impact Analysis. Focused Build also comes equipped with its own arsenal of stand-alone capabilities:

SAP Focused Build

Experience the live-look into SAP’s agile delivery platform: Focused Build

Know your Options for S/4 Delivery

Delivering a successful S/4 is a unanimous goal across all industries. The obvious implications of an S/4 failure stretch far beyond the toolset you choose to use, but rather relies so heavily on the delivery-methodology your team adheres to. SAP Focused Build’s foundation is built on SAP’s Best Practices and the Agile methodology. Basically, the methodology outlines your plan and is the foundation of reducing all your project risks and holding true to projected timelines. SAP’s Focused Build platform is the answer to all your SAP deliveries.

Let CoreALM take you live, into the platform to get a true taste of easier days ahead.  Experience the live-look into SAP’s agile delivery platform: Focused Build.

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