ALM & Solution Manager Processes: SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)

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SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) can help you create small, easy-to-maintain non-production environments with consistent, relevant extracts of business data, minimizing infrastructure and maintenance expenses while maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy of your development, test and training activities.

With SAP TDMS you can:

  • Reduce infrastructure expenditures by greatly reducing the volume of data in the test environment
  • Improve the quality of software developments by improving the quality of test data
  • Increase development efficiency by enabling software developers to conduct testing earlier in the process and with  consistent, accurate data out of production
  • Refresh test data without affecting repository and administrative data
  • Refresh data for individual clients in multi-client environments without affecting activities in other clients
  • Quickly transfer pre-defined business objects or business process data in specific maintenance situations
  • Enable business users to transfer small amounts of data, e.g. selective HR data while scrambling the sensitive data sets
SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS)

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