ALM & Solution Manager Processes: SAP LVM – SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

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Today’s system maintenance activities can be very complex, where some tasks can take days or weeks to complete. SAP’s virtualization and cloud management program aims at providing enabling technology, management tools and value added services to help customers deploy and manage existing on-premise SAP applications in virtualized data centers and cloud infrastructures.

SAP LVM - SAP Landscape Virtualization Management

SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (SAP LVM) is a powerful management tool that helps businesses reduce their total cost of operations, and enhance their flexibility and business agility by simplifying and optimizing provisioning, deployment, and management of SAP Systems through the use of virtualization and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud technology. It is flexible and open, providing open interfaces for easy integration. It supports a broad range of IT infrastructure solutions, and it is fully scalable for any landscape size.

In order to address this, SAP evolved an existing internal program into a powerful solution that helps you save time and effort. Not only does LVM automate processes with Clone, Copy and Refresh tools, SAP LVM also:

  • Provides Real Time Visibility and monitoring of your SAP Systems and Infrastructure, and offers customized dashboards to visualize your KPI’s.
  • Reduces the operational costs associated with your SAP Solution.
  • Increases your agility by improving responsiveness to changing business requirements
  • Reduces the chance of human error
  • Boosts your system availability by reducing your planned downtown and increasing your visibility
SAP LVM - SAP Landscape Virtualization Management CoreALM SAP SolMan

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