Realities Of Automated Testing Versus Manual Testing And Why Test Suite Should Be On Your Radar

Realities of Automated Testing versus Manual Testing and Why Test Suite Should be on Your Radar

Automated testing is an interesting animal. Many people believe it is an all or nothing deal or that it can work for every company and team. The reality is that these are both not true.

Automated testing can be combined with manual testing. We have helped several clients to find a process that specifically works for them and allows automation to reduce timeline and cost. Sometimes there is a need for a user to complete a step in between the automated testing and here at CoreALM we make that work. We’re happy to help you explore this option. However, you may find that automated testing doesn’t work for you. That is okay! Something we help clients to achieve is maximum value for what they are getting.

At first automated testing may seem like a steep investment. Some of you may be thinking, but, is it even worth it?  Here at CoreALM we have discovered this to be absolutely true. There is extreme value in automated testing. You can bring down the total cost of testing significantly and reduce the amount of time and users that need to participate. Ask us by how much.

SAP Solution Manager’s Test Suite is perfect for your manual AND automated testing because well, it’s free! If you have Solution Manager, it is no additional cost to you. Which is why this is such a grand investment. Test Suite is seamlessly integrated in your SAP Solution Manager already. See below for an overview of what Test Suite can provide you:

Something to note about SAP Test Suite is that it can integrate with other 3rdparty tools. As us how.

Here at CoreALM we want the best for our customers. We will let you know if a solution is a right fit for you. Automated testing within Test Suite could be the answer and we’re happy to help you figure out what works for you and your team.

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