Move Away From HP ALM To Test Suite

SAP Testing with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Focused Build

Is your company interested in moving away from your “expensive” HP ALM or Quality Center (QC) to “free” SAP Solution Manager Test Suite?

SAP’s historic testing strategy recommended that SAP customers use HP ALM / QC as their testing platform, which required complicated integration to earlier versions of Solution Manager.

Historic Method for SAP Testing using HP ALM/QC

SAP eventually made the strategic decision to create their own integrated testing toolset and in 2016 Test Suite was introduced as integral part of Solution Manager 7.2

Solution Manager 7.2 Overview

Solution manager 7.2 is now the Top Rated ALM platform and after 3 years is up to support pack 9.

Why Move Away from HP ALM/QC pt. 1

Solution Manager and Test Suite are included with your company’s annual SAP Enterprise Support contract.

As of January 2018, there are no longer any named user license requirements for Solution Manager: meaning that anyone in the enterprise can use Solution Manager and Test Suite without any additional cost.

While HP ALM and QC offer a proven toolset for testing, SAP Solution Manager Test Suite offer so much more.

Why Move Away from HP ALM/QC pt.2

Test Suite includes:

  • A much more robust and integrated document repository.
  • Integrated tools for business process modeling and business process monitoring
  • Multiple tools for automated Change Impact Analysis
  • Easy to use automated testing tool
  • Electronic Signature capabilities for SOX and FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

The process has never been easier or more efficient to move your company’s testing data from HP ALM and QC. Test Suite now includes the Test Step Designer functionality which allows companies to map their data from HP ALM/QC to Test Suite.

Many companies are timing their move to SAP Test Suite in advance of their S/4HANA projects as their ECC test scripts will be incompatible and will need to redone.

You can view a brief demo of moving to Test Suite here.

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