Is SAP Focused Build Right For You?

Is SAP Focused Build right for you?

We have heard a lot about SAP Focused Build in the recent few weeks and written several articles like how it can help your project management or how it can help with your SAP S/4HANA implementations. However, is SAP Focused Build right for you? Here’s a list of statements and if you answered YES to any of them, SAP Focused Build is recommended for your team and your SAP project.

  • Are you planning an innovation project (e.g. SAP S/4HANA implementation)?
  • Will your project require solution validation with the business process owners, probably followed by development or configuration tasks?
  • Do you want to use a project tool which supports you in all phases, starting from target  business process modelling, through requirement documentation, building, testing, up to handover of your application to operation?
  • Do you want to benefit from SAP Best Practices, such as process repositories, project templates, agile development concepts, IT process workflows?
  • Do you want to start soon with your innovation project (2-3 months) or do you even want to start immediately (2-3 weeks) instead of setting up a pre-project with SAP Solution Manager?
  • Do you want an easy consumption of licenses and services to get it set up and running  as soon as possible?

As you can see from the list, SAP Focused Build covers a wide variety of scenarios and you will definitely be more empowered by the features within the solution.

SAP Focused Build in a Nutshell

SAP Focused Build in a nutshell

What are your immediate benefits?

SAP Focused Build ensures outcome-based delivery based on constant feedback loops with your business processes. There is tremendous value added by the methodologies and tools like:

  • Automated visibility of solution readiness against  due dates, with integrated risk management
  • Efficient management of distributed development teams
  • Agile release and software engineering with optional JIRA integration
  • Automated test planning, change & release  management to support continuous delivery &  integration and DevOps
  • Full integration of demand, project, process,  change, release, and test management

CoreALM is part of the Focused Solutions Circle and we help SAP users with their SAP Focused Build Implementation. Typical Circle member activities may include positioning and scoping services, overview presentations, Focused Build coaching, trainings, and initial configuration services. If you require any of these services, feel free to reach out to us today.

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