Digital Transformation: Transform Or Cease To Exist

Digital Transformation: Transform or Cease to Exist

Recently a relevant buzzword in play is Digital Transformation (DX). Let’s start with the definition. According to Google, it is ‘the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers’.

In order to truly understand what Digital Transformation is, you must dive into why it matters to you, what drives digital transformation, why Solution Manager can be your avenue, and how you can utilize it moving forward.

So, Why Does Digital Transformation Matter?

Bottom line —  we’re in an app economy. That means that your customers are going to be more in control of what you’re doing and their experience with you will heavily influence your future. The big question you need to answer is, ‘are you willing to adjust and implement new technologies, or will you be left in the dust?’ The only option for businesses to succeed moving forward is to be ahead and adapt.

What Drives Digital Transformation?

It may seem like this is a term deemed over and over as a “hot topic”. That’s because it will always be relevant to be on top of your company’s game.

However, just because you adopt these new technologies, doesn’t mean you’re “digitally transformed”. Thus, the word transformation comes into play. Essentially, transformation is the act of making substantive change, but also the underlying words that you don’t see are interchangeability and adaptability. So, you’re basically designing items so they can easily be changed with minimal disruption. Furthermore, almost every IT organization has these layers that were once deemed as “transformation”, but have now become standard practice. That’s because as you adopt and adapt, those astounding changes and revelations are now the norm and you have to continue to adopt and adapt forever.

The real driver of Digital Transformation is the need to not be out-of-date. Think of those websites you find that still look like they are basic HTML from the late 1990’s. A customer won’t look at your page for more than a second because your technology is outdated and in turn, you’re projecting that your company is outdated. The same goes for Digital Transformation. If a customer is interacting with you and the experience is slow or out of date, they will not have a positive outlook on you and will move on to your competition.

Why can Solution Manager be Your Avenue to Manage your Digital Transformation?

Solution Manager is designed to optimize the value of SAP S/4HANA through its entire lifecycle and is fully incorporated with SAP Best Practices.The implementation roadmap for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides packaged, best-practice-support process management, while also allowing for solutions to be customized to give customers the best fit.

You can now deploy SAP S/4HANA and other SAP Solutions based on formulas for ROI derived from the ever-growing number of communities taking advantage of the premium engagements portfolio from SAP.

Bottom line — “SAP Solution Manager provides you with the framework necessary to succeed in today’s digital economy.” -Matthias Melich, VP, SAP Solution Manager, SAP.

Ask us how Solution Manager can cater specifically to your Digital Transformation.

How you can Utilize it Moving Forward.

Something you really need to decide moving forward is what do you want to integrate, isolate, and eventually, get rid of. This can decide what your personal Digital Transformation will look like.

Essentially, Digital Transformation is what you need to accomplish in order to have your company stay up to date with its technology and with the future. Even though Digital Transformation disrupts existing business models, it is wise to revolutionize business activities, processes, competencies and models. This way, you can utilize the opportunities of digital technology and the impact it creates across the board strategically and with future change in mind.

The key point of Digital Transformation is to make you think differently about your delivery and the consequences of not implementing a delivery catered to your business’s success. It’s really that simple.

If you and your team would like more information about digital transformation and how it can help your business, schedule a free consultation with us here!

– Shannon Maddex, SAP Solution Manager and ALM Community Evangelist

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