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Agile Scrum Board For SAP Solution Manager Focused Build 2.0

Agile Scrum Board for SAP Solution Manager Focused Build 2.0

Our CoreALM SAP Solution Manager Focused Build DevOps Connectors provides end-to-end delivery of SAP projects by including integration with Jira, and Azure DevOps for Non-SAP. Plan, track, delivery and manage everything—from requirements, work items, transports, testing, decisions, blocks, issues, risks, actions items, and releases all from one board. Real-time Tracking and Reporting.


There are 5 business benefits of Integration between SAP Solution Manager with Jira or Azure DevOps

1. Manage SAP and Non-SAP Projects with One Tool

Keep leadership informed of what’s happening through SAP Solution Manager integration with Jira or Azure by establishing a connection between them all Epics, Stories, Tasks, and Requirements to SAP Solution Manager. This removes any disconnect between software development teams and that writing documentation, for example. This also helps team planning for product releases and other large

2. Out-of-the-box integrations with the tools you already use

Our CoreALM Connector allows SAP Focused Build to manage both Jira and Azure DevOps. This streamlines the process of shifting and training staff to function on a new platform and provides the leadership insight into both SAP and Non-SAP changes without the duplicated effort necessary to maintain documentation in separate systems. Project Managers can control which teams have access to Focused Build, Azure, Jira, or even testing. Consolidated user management also makes denying access easier thus limiting security concerns associated with unused accounts.

3. Clearer Requirements for Delivery

Stakeholders that are interested in product requirements and strategic planning they may also have ideas for improving processes. You can turn these ideas into actionable items by updating the product backlog in SAP Solution Manager. Managing an agile and complex team with multiple deliverables through email is a non-starter. The business will be far more productive and efficient if the latest Agile project management applications Project Management platforms are used to track tasks.

4. Real-time Tracking and Reporting 

Our CoreALM Connector allows teams to have full transparency of a project and track progress in real-time across all tasks. Every project team member is generating a wealth of information about projects and issues, but stakeholders are unlikely to have the time or skills to delve into the details. This is where integrating SAP Focused Build, Jira, Azure, and testing data together with reporting is necessary.  Scrum Meetings can be run from customizable and easy-to-read charts and dashboards. Reports and dashboards are easy to create, require no coding, and are updated in real-time.

5. SAP Resource Capacity and Workload Management Made Easy

Easily understand which resources are overwhelmed or underworked and ensure that projects are properly staffed. Your product development and process capability will improve immensely when the team members performing the work are assigned the appropriate workloads. Our CoreALM Connector enables SAP Solution Manager to be the Single Source of Truth for your Jira and Azure projects. Project managers can easily view workloads relevant to their teams.

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