Architecture Overview Of SAP Solution Manager Focused Build

Architecture Overview of SAP Solution Manager Focused Build

Simplifying SAP Focused Build

SAP Focused Build is a delivery platform built on top of SAP Solution Manager that offers an integrated SAP Application Lifecycle Management solution to build and manage SAP projects.

SAP Focused Build provides a single source of truth and is the hub for all management activities and all aspects of the SAP solution lifecycle and agile processes like Project Management, Process Management, Change/Sprint/Release Management and Test Management.

SAP Solution Manager fully supports SAP Activate and Agile methodologies. Several disciplines from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and SAP Focused Build work together to support an agile planning and build.

Below you will find the SAP Focused Build Architecture Overview and Integration Model:

SAP Focused Build Overview

The Big Picture

The overview may look complicated but here’s the major parts of what makes up SAP Focused Build:

Release Management: To support deployments (sap transports), releases and cycles.
Process Management: The single source of truth for the documentation of the entire application lifecycle.
Requirements Management: To handle the requirements in the backlog.
Test-Suite: To use the test management functionalities for testing work packages, work items.
Project Management: To plan waves, sprints, milestones, and q-gates.
Dashboards: For tracking and reporting of the progress over the whole project.

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