Agile: Comparing Test Suite In Solution Manager And Focused Build Platforms

Agile: Comparing Test Suite in Solution Manager and Focused Build Platforms

Test Suite is SAP’s automated and manual testing platform in Solution Manager- the top ALM platform on the market. The testing platform has enabled teams within a variety of industries to further organize their (hundreds upon hundreds) of test cases, which saves them incredible amounts of time.

From a Functional Scope, SAP Test Suite brings the automated Change Impact Analysis capability to your environment, optimizing your environment with regression testing. The platform also supports the Agile methodologies and development of your SAP projects. Achieving automation could not be simpler, nor easier to use, with these capabilities. Keep in mind, the Test suite platform is fluent with your other Solution Manager capabilities, allowing full communication and compatibility with Change and Release Management and IT Service management (ITSM). Below is a list of all compatibility that Test Suite supports in Solution Manager 7.2.

Agile Project Management

Additionally, Test Suite supports testing for SAP and non-SAP solutions- both On-Premise and Cloud. Specifically, this include SAP’s Business Suite, non-SAP applications, and S/4HANA. If your team is planning the move to S/4, consider that Test Suite sports all the necessary tools to thoroughly test for deployment.

The Big Picture

SAP Test Suite in Focused Build

Delivering S/4HANA is probably the largest project on your team’s agenda for the next 5 years, and hopefully, it sails smoothly without major mishaps. How does your team plan to deploy it?

With SAP’s Focused Build, deploying this next generation business suite will make your life easier- satisfying everyone from the Project Mangers to Architects to Basis and the QA team. SAP has dedicated Focused Build as the recommended delivery platform for all your major SAP projects, including S/4HANA.

The Big Picture

With Focused Build, Test Suite comes standard with the platform along with all of Solution Manager’s core-functionalities, but also brings standalone features that are exclusive to the delivery platform. Along with aiding in your Requirements-to-Deploy (R2D), Test Suite in Focused Build is equipped with the Test Suite Dashboard and Test Suite Analytics, shown below.

The Big Picture

CoreALM not only understands how to deploy Test Suite in your environment, but fully believes in it transforming the way your team manages their manual and automated testing. Whether you choose to deploy the testing platform in Solution Manager or leverage it in Focused Build, your team will undoubtedly reap the benefits of having the top rated ALM platform to supports the business needs. Engage with our team, even if you have rattling questions that need answers or if you are looking to have the easiest S/4 deployment possible in 2019.

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