ALM & Solution Manager Processes: Business Process Operations

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Business Process Operations incorporate the most valuable operations to ensure that the core business processes are running in a consistent and dependable flowing structure that will execute a company’s requirements. Having a reliable operation is very important for your company to assure the business processes are running properly. The business process operation processes of SAP Solution Manager provides SAP customers with essential support elements. Immediate response to error can initiate resolution before they can impact the business operations. SAP Solution Manager enables business users and IT professionals to monitor individual process instances in a graphical representation to track how they are progressing. Business users gain insight into the execution status of a single instance (for example, an order process) of a business process.

SAP Business-Process-Operations
  • Operations Control Center
  • Business Process and Interface Monitoring
  • Business Process Analytics
  • Business Process Operations Dashboard
  • Data Consistency Management
  • Job Scheduling Management
  • Business Process Automation

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