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S/4 Hana Strategy – Focused Build Support Pack 03 (SP03) Solution Readiness Dashboard

S/4 Hana Strategy - Focused Build Support Pack 03 (SP03) Solution Readiness Dashboard

The Solution Readiness Dashboard allows users to quickly gain insight to their overall SAP project status. If you are not familiar with the full powers of Solution Manager, then you would be glad to know that the Application Lifecycle Management platform from SAP comes free, as there is no additional licensing cost, as it is included in customer’s annual SAP support contract. Solution Manager, now in version 7.2, has undergone immense transformation and capability enhancements to become the top rated ALM platform on the market. Test Suite, Change and Release Management (ChaRM), and Technical Monitoring capabilities tend to hold the highest value when considering all Solution Manager’s functionality. Below is a quick review of the platform’s 10 capabilities:

key value scenarios

Focused Build Project UI

Focused Build as an Add-On

SAP has deployed Focused Build as an add-on to Solution Manager. Expanding to the Solution Readiness Dashboard, part of Focused Build, gives Project Manager’s or the PMO centralized insight to project status. Project status can be set manually by the PM/PMO in the Project Management module of Solution Manager. Users can also look forward to accessing the array of applications within the dashboard.

For those of you in the PM role, having an accessible one-stop look into project progress and metrics can be challenging. Considering the area of Monitoring, our CoreALM team stresses the importance of utilizing these insights. It prevents downtime and truly reshapes a team from operating reactively into a team that can achieve progress by operating proactively. These notions should be made conscious even before considering the tools available to execute, because organizing foundationally sets the most optimistic stage for successful project deliveries.

Manage Variants

Above is the standard Solution Readiness Dashboard view, equipped with Fiori Applications that can drill-down into project status specific. This screenshot gives only a fraction of credibility that this project status feature brings to unify your project success with the ALM tools in SAP Solution Manager.

As of the end of February 2019, SAP has recently released Focused Build SP03 as the newest installment of the delivery platform. SAP has expanded the layout for the Requirements table, adding the Category, Classification, and Owner columns to the design.

Phases and Q-Gates UI

For more information on Solution Manager and Focused Build, let the CoreALM team know. We understand the most critical areas of your SAP project delivery as we stand by the SAP best practices and the free tools offered. SAP Focused Build is the future for swift S/4 deliveries, organizing and minimizing risk for all of your Requirements-to-Deploy.

According to SAP, Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager is an integrated, out-of-the-box tool-supported methodology for managing requirements and software development in large agile innovation projects. With these new added functionalities, you’re going to have the ultimate experience managing your Focused Build projects.

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